Breast Pathology

Breast disease is a prominent cause of pathology in medicine. While it is a much greater problem among women, it is also seen in men. A variety of non-malignant diseases are seen in our practice. These include benign tumors, cysts and inflammatory diseases. It is the malignant breast tumor that is the process of most concern. While malignant diseases can be seen in the first three decades of life these tumors are increasingly more common from the fourth decade into the later years of life. Treatment varies according to the cell type and the other prognostic factors, and it is the pathologist that must provide the details of the features of the individual neoplasm so that the therapy can be individualized. The Delta Pathology Laboratory provides histologic diagnosis as well as on site specialized breast studies including ERA, PRA, Ki-67, and Her-2-neu tests that allow the oncologist and radiation therapist to individualize the treatment. We work closely with the breast surgeon and the oncologists while the patient is being evaluated and treated and are available for any follow-up studies that are required for continued monitoring.